Benjamin Reiss

Need help to build a user-centric and desirable App?

I help with the design and concept of your digital product.

Full Responsive Designs

I love the challenge of building a seamless digital experience.

Structured way of working

Every element should make perfect sense in an holistic digital experience.

Pixel Perfect

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for the developers to implement my creation.

Support in several ways.

How does it fit best for you?

As UI/UX Designer
Design Mobile App & Web


  • 01 Analysis & Evalutation
  • 02 Idea & Concept
  • 03 Wireframing
  • 04 Designing modular system / Styleguide
  • 05 Rapid Prototyping
  • 06 Data Handover
  • 07 Supporting Development Process
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As Digital Creative Consultant
Digital branding & User Experience


  • 01 Brand & UI/UX Advices
  • 02 Wireframing
  • 03 Rapid Prototyping
  • 04 Setup & Guide UX Texts
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It’s all about simplicity

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”


Here is a small selection of my latest works. Ask me for more.

DPD Parcel Navigator

The intuitive, functionally designed app offers the highest level of service and transparency, allowing the user to optimally handle the sending and tracking of his parcels.

smart EQ control App

Be connected with your smart. Anytime, anywhere via your smartphone and the smart EQ control App.

Gentle Zeus is an homage to the strong and brave of our world People who pursue a vision, cross boundaries, break through habits and discover new lands with their will, courage, and drive to built something that can last forever. With style, elegance and skill, they are sublime to every situation.

Continental Pitch

BMW de/at

Audi A1 eKatalag App

My working process

Get an idea how most of the projects run with me and how I handle things.

How everything starts

Idea & Concept

Everyone is starting from scretch, so do I. Most important here is to have a perfect briefing from the client to start the UI and UX Part. That’s half the way for a good final product.

In this part of the project everything is allowed what helps to create a good overview of what the client wants. I usally scribble a lot in my moleskinbook, sometimes I take pictures of inspirational things which I connect to the project.


That’s a job which I normally also try to integrate in my workings. Especially with tools like Sketch it’s supereasy to make rough and quick wireframes which already have a designed look if necessary.

These wireframes could also be used for the further design process. It’s like a Painting, where you start with a quick sketch to prepare dimensions, angle and perspective to fill it with colors and a bit of magic afterwards.

Designing Stuff

Like 99% of the time I use Sketch for being productive. For me it’s the easiest way to be fast, precise and creative. It’s also really helpful to design different versions of a layout and check different directions.

If necessary i use tools like Illustrator, which helps designing icons or logos. And for sure it’s nearly impossible to not use Photoshop, especially when it comes to tweaking photos or creating exceptional compositions.

Working with the „Nerds“

A project is only as good as it’s developers. And it’s important to collaborate with them as good and early as possible. Agile work environments and working in sprints via Jira makes the most sense to me.

To deliver good assets I mainly use tools like Zeplin, Invision or Marvel. Some like to get the stuff via Slack or Google Drive, that’s not a problem at all.

But what’s really important for me, is to have everything stored in one place that everybody who works on the project finds there stuff easy everytime.

Rapid Prototyping

Having a clickable prototype ready is definitely helpful for presenting projects to the client.

I also do this because it helps me and the team to check if the whole navigation process or certain functionalities are logical and understandable. Today it’s way easier to provide a prototype with the help of marvel, InVision or even Sketch.

Bringing Design to Life

Micro-interaction, transition and animation are keywords that are often heard at the beginning of a project, but way to often lose meaning or focus over the course of the project.

That’s a shame because motion helps a digital project to become truly exceptional. It also helps the user to navigate easier and understand functionality way quicker.

I normally use Flinto to animate small micro-interactions, transitions or to show a navigation concept. It helps yourself and the client a lot in presentations to understand the whole navigation process.

Tools I work with

To create a perfect user experience, a few tools are essential. Here are a few I mainly use.


Makes it super easy for me to build great stuff precise & fast.


An essential tool to make your content look great again.


Brings sketch artboards to life for a good usability pretest.


Perfect to coordinate layouts with the client or delevopment.


Good to measure layouts or download assets for developers.


Coordinate your layouts easily with the client or delevopment.


Happy Clients


Unique Projects



Brands for which I have enjoyed working